What VoIP Home Phone Service Can Do for You

While you are significantly reducing the cost of your monthly home phone bills, VoIP also enables you to access new and exciting features that provide an advanced level of control and convenience. Although not all VoIP services offer the same features, with VoIP home phone service from Phone.com you can:

• Set your preferences for features such as call forwarding, caller ID routing, and other in-call conveniences
• Listen to your voicemail online
• Choose one or more virtual numbers that point to your primary number
• Get unlimited local and domestic long distance
• Manage your preferences and view your bills quickly and easily online
• And more!

In addition to reduced monthly bills and extended features, this home phone service is also incredibly easy to set up and use. Once you sign up for VoIP home phone service from Phone.com, you will receive an adapter that you plug between your phone and cable/DSL modem. The adapter comes with an easy-to-use guide that will guide you through the five to ten minute installation process.

Once set-up is complete you just pick up the phone and dial any number – it’s that easy! The person on the other end doesn’t need anything to be able to talk to you, and the connection is incredibly clear.

Call to activate your VoIP home phone service and start saving money on your monthly home phone bill today!