What To Do About Those Annoying Calls?

A pinch of salt and a dash of pepper, and you’re ready to serve your famous homemade chili to your anxiously awaiting family. You place the pot on the table and whip out your ladle when the phone rings.

It’s your credit card company on the other line offering a service you couldn’t care less about. You politely hang up and return to the dinner table, frustrated by the interruption.

This scenario, which plays out in American homes every day, can be avoided with a few simple steps and without swearing at the telemarketer on the other end of the line. Try these steps:

  • Don’t forget to sign up for the state and federal “Do Not Call” registries. If telemarketers call after that, you can report them to the agencies keeping the registries and the companies could face a big fine. Don’t forget to register your cell phones.
  • If the telemarketer is a company with whom you do business, ask to be added to its “do not call” list. Most companies have them.
  • Calls of a political nature are exempt from the “Do Not Call” registries but even they can be stopped. Don’t want to hear from a pollster? Register your phone numbers with StopPoliticalCalls.org.
  • Buy telephone caller ID devices.
  • Think twice before giving your telephone number as you’re checking out at the local department store.
  • Read waivers carefully before signing. Many times these waivers are written so that the average person can’t understand. They’re betting on people signing without reading.
  • Keep your phone number unlisted, but if you can’t you can always subscribe to call-blocking services or other features intended to give you peace of mind, like several offered by Phone.com.

Phone.com is an Internet phone company that offers a variety of services designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but it also offers service for residential customers. Call blocking is an obvious choice, although it’s not your only choice. Phone.com also offers Caller ID blocking, International Call Blocking, Call Screening, If all else fails, turn off the ringer of your phone.