What Our Customers Say…

At Phone.com we believe in having many lines of communications open with our customers and freinds.
Whether it is our main Customer Service group that can be reached 24/7 by a toll free Number, real-time chat or by email or our customer online forum, the Phone.com blog or whether it is Phone.com on Twitter or Facebook.

We want to hear feedback. Good and also bad. We constantly upgrade our customer service tools, our online knowledge base and our service policies based on feedback and interaction with our customers.

We also survey our customers and see what they have to say about our customer service. We are happy to see that we have a 93% Customer Satisfaction rate!

Below are just some comments we got from customers over the past 6 weeks and that we thought we would share:

  • Exceptional service and support every time!
  • I had two problems (my own fault) in one day and I was impressed with the customer service phone.com provided. What a refreshing change to get a problem resolved within minutes from such a professional group of people. I was soooo impressed I am changing my home phone from vonage to phone.com! Thank you again!
  • Phone.com is truly amazing! I cannot believe the amount of features that they offer. I have never heard them say “No, we cant do it”. Thanks Phone.com for listening the what us customers want!
  • This is the best customer service Ive received in a long time! After getting of the phone, I new for sure I had made the best choice on choosing phone.com over the others.
  • Jenny at Phone.com is great and we have a great phone system now thanks to a very ingenious online system. Thanks for everything.
  • I have had the occasion to speak with a few of your support team members who I found in general to be a positive experience.
  • I would like however to mention Melissa today as my favorite choice. I found her way and style in assisting and explain to be relaxed and simple to understand, this while being very professional and knowledgeable. This lady is a pleasure to deal with. My compliments!
  • Melissa was very helpful and made me feel quite comfortable on the phone. She explained the problem and solution to me so that it was easy to understand and to rectify on my own in the future.
  • Great Service very quick C/s support!

As you can tell. We are proud of these comments and our survey results.
On our website you can also visit our testimonial page and see what customers have to say about Phone.com.

We welcome your feedback.