What Makes Our Mobile Office Different?

Technology has changed almost everything in the world of business these days, and even innovations like mobile phones that were considered cutting edge just a decade or so ago are changing fast. Apps for smart phones have wholly shifted the playing field, especially mobile VoIP apps.

The advantage here is fairly clear. Not only do you have the opportunity to make inexpensive international calls thanks to your Wi-Fi or 3G connection, but you also get all of the benefits of the app you’re using, and most companies build in some pretty amazing features. Our Phone.com Mobile Office app, though, adds a bit more than many on today’s market can.

The functions you thought were only possible through your control panel in your office are all right here on the app. It’s possible to both listen to and handle all of your voicemail, and when you add that to our transcription service, it’s a package that will help you deal with a flooded inbox in no time.

Additionally, though, you can look at any faxes that have come through on your line, take a careful look at the call history on your extension, and even block calls. The real key with this app, though, is that you can actually make calls from your virtual phone number. That means the individual or company you’re calling will only see that number on their caller ID screen, not the cell number you’re actually calling from.

Our mobile office application is truly an office application. By having access to voice mail and faxes through any cell phone that is connected to the application, business owners can keep their fingers on the pulse of their business even when they’re not in the office, which means you get the chance to unite your strategy in a way that’s impossible with other apps.