What Is A Virtual Office Anyway?

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Hello, it was snowing in scenic NJ this morning…and THE JETS WON YESTERDAY!!! Can you believe it! Hey, once every two months…


Virtual office. In computer science, the definition of virtual is stimulated or carried on by computer networks. But when it comes to productivity, communication is a very much a real commodity.


I was thinking about this as I read the lead article in today’s Wall Street Journal Marketplace: “Why Multiple Headquarters Multiply” By Phred Dvorak. Other than enjoying his rather interesting name, I also was intrigued by the changing paradigm of a corporate headquarters. Dvorak mentions several large multinational corporations in his examination of this trend; I will take the liberty of expanding the thesis to small, start-up and mobile business ventures.


Phone.com and its team envision that for our small business customer, in essence the phones are the corporate headquarters; wherever you have a phone, you have an office. Of course, many businesses do have actual offices, but today as a general rule we are much less dependent on office location and much more dependent on communication. The obvious exception would be a retail operation, but its corporate oversight may still be in multiple locations.


The WSJ article also got me thinking about our software, and its specific international applications. Phone.com has a feature that I really like, which is unique in the industry and great for international calling. We provide a simple solution for businesses with international calling needs. Any US phone number, local or toll-free, can have extensions that call FREE to land lines in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and the UK , as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, and Israel.


Think of a business (or a family) with reps/brokers/children in any of those different territories. You will not need any international calling plan! Just call the US number and the extensions can send the call to those areas. This will save a small business with ties overseas a ton of money over the year. Or in the reverse, a business from Italy, for example, can set up a US number and contact its reps through our system. Right now there are 8 countries where calls to land lines are free, and we hope to have additional countries joining the plan in the near future. If you want to call a cell phone, our rates are on average 25-40% less than most other offerings.


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