What Getting an 800 Number Can Do for Your Small Business

Small businesses that make the choice to purchase an 800 number receive countless benefits. Everyone in the business is able to continue using their existing mobile devices or land line phones, but they are now all connected by the same new number. In addition, an 800 number for your small business will allow you to build your customized phone system in which you can:

• Record your own personalized greetings or select a professional voice to record your greeting
• Set up a call menu that uses an audio message to offer callers the options they want upfront
• Create extensions for employees or departments in other locations, even worldwide
• Activate your dial-by-name directory
• Use advanced phone call scheduling to route incoming phone calls to different places based on the day and time they are received
• Utilize Follow Me Calling to get your calls forwarded to multiple numbers that ring simultaneously until you answer one
• And more

Phone.com Virtual Office 800 numbers offer you the flexibility you need to customize your phone system to meet your small business needs.

Activating an 800 number for your small business could not be simpler; there is no hardware to purchase or software to install, no technicians to hire, and no maintenance. You can even configure all your individualized virtual phone number settings through an online account.

To set up your small business’ 800 number, simply assign your current phone number to your new virtual extension. When people call your new virtual number, they can dial your extension and be forwarded to your existing phone or phone system. This allows them to be connected with multiple staff in various locations who are using different phones, all at once!

Once you’ve set up your small business’ 800 number:

• We will activate your new local phone number and all of your calling features
• You can then use your online account to set up your 800 number and customize it to meet your individual needs
• You have the ability to modify your settings at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get the credibility and efficiency your small business needs at a price you can afford. Set up your small business’ 800 number today for the flexible solution to call handling.