What Extras Do You Take Along On The Road?

How important is it for you to be connected? I was recently talking with someone about entrepreneurs that travel and live all over the world while working on their different projects. It ranged from web developers to PR execs that utilize all the current technology to keep in touch. Many of them work from a rented apartment or hotel rooms while living/traveling abroad on adventures but keep connected using different services like Phone.com for voice and SMS, Skype for video chat and IM. There are so many services that make your life simpler these days and when I was talking to this person Phone.com kept coming up. With one of our IP phones you can sit in a hotel room plugged into their ethernet and make and receive phone calls as if you were in your office. Actually where ever you work now is your office. I know people that travel with IP phones, dedicated speaker phones. Some people travel with miniature printers, multiple laptops and I even have a friend that requests duel 30 inch monitors when he books hotel rooms. With people as mobile as they are these days they can easily feel home sick and miss their office so why not bring it with you.

With Phone.com’s Mobile Office app you can easily take your office phone and SMS on the road with you. You can even bring one of our IP phones along if you want the real office feel or use a “softphone” and use laptop as a phone. Almost everybody takes a laptop with them when traveling for business. I’ve been known to bring along a wireless router which isn’t that wild anymore, but I’m curious, what do you bring along? Do you have a spare cell phone? A MiFi? An iPad? Extra batteries for your laptop? A power strip? A power inverter? I knew of someone once that carried a carton of cigarettes with him all the time because he was a chain smoker and never wanted to run out.

I’ll post a picture next week before I leave on a road trip of all the gear I take along. What kinds of goodies do you travel with? If you have a picture of all your gear feel free to share it, email it to Jeb@Phone.com and maybe we’ll post it.