What does BlackBerry Losing Seesmic Mean?

Big news yesterday from Seesmic, they announced they are discontinuing their support of BlackBerry devices at the end of June. This is news in itself but what does this mean for BlackBerry, developers and BlackBerry users? This may be nothing for the BB ecosystem or it could be a huge indicator of what’s to come.

First off, will other developers follow suite? I don’t think current developers with a history and a great deal of time invested in BB will jump ship? BB is bleeding customers but I don’t think they are gushing customers. With a few good quarters and some slick new devices slated for launch I think BB can mend some if it’s wounds and stave off the predicted demise by the mobile bloggers.

For BlackBerry itself I think this is a wound but again not a fatal blow. But I think it’s time for them to bring their brightest minds together and work on a plan to change their image as a whole, here in the US. I believe they need to let people know that BB is not just for the business person on the go but for everybody. Why not get your spouse and kids a BB so you can all utilize BlackBerry Messenger or BBM. If you travel abroad you absolutely have to use a BB because other platforms eat megabytes of data as if it’s going out of style. I personally usually use just shy of 200mb per month on Android and the month that I measured my usage using a BB it was only 35mb. That’s a huge savings if you are roaming on foreign networks. There’s also the BB keyboard that’s known the world over as the best in the business. BB needs to focus on small but important points and change their image so they don’t end up like Nokia.

Lastly the users, I personally use Seesmic on my BB so I don’t know what I’ll use now. I’ll have to go out and test the other Twitter apps. I’m sad to see Seesmic go but it won’t affect my feeling towards BlackBerry and I don’t think the average consumer will think “oh now that Seesmic’s gone I’m heading to a new OS”. Generally people that use BB are people who love using BB and this won’t change their opinions of BB.

But my final questions to pose to you is, will this affect your view of BB and will you still use it? Will you continue to develop an app for it if it’s already on the road map? Let me know in the comments below, I’m curious about your thoughts on this.