What Does An Even Smaller Sim Mean For Apple?

According to a blog post I just read today by Darrell Etherington, who wrote on the AppleBlog, Apple wants smaller sim cards in their upcoming iPhone and iPad, what does this mean? Prior to the iPhone’s 4th interation it had been using the standard sim card size that had been in circulation since the mid to late ‘90’s in GSM phones. Prior to that sim cards were the size of credit cards. But why did Apple decide to go with the micro sim in the iPhone 4? Well there are a few theories but the 2 that stand our are that Apple wants more control over their devices so they employed a new standard that no other mobile phone uses, in turn their phones can’t be easily replaced or used illegally. The other opinion as to why Apple did this is so that the sim takes up less space so they could more easily pack more into the phone and eventually integrate the sim into the phone. Now that looks like it may be coming to fruition. With the proposal to standardize and even smaller sim card it’s looking more and more like they want to embed the sim card into the phone so they can control how it’s being used even more.

Some people have even suggested that Apple wants to create some kind of uber phone company that buys minutes and data from the others around the world and resells them to iPhone users. Others have suggested that Apple is preparing a plan to control what carriers their iPhone’s can run on by controlling the sim cards programming, which can only be done if they control what sim is in the phone.

I for one was against using the micro sim in the first place. It doesn’t allow it’s users to swap their sim into another phone if their iPhone battery dies or if they just want to use a basic phone when going on a hike or to the beach where a phone could more easily be damaged. I feel it gives to much control to Apple and takes all the control away from me. When I travel I always carry at least 1 if not 2 or 3 spare phones with me. Sometimes I don’t have a chance to charge my phone for 48 hours straight or know use it so much I kill the battery. It’s just not reasonable to me to not be able to swap my sim card into another phone very easily.

How do you feel about the smaller micro sims?