What Do Insurance Agents Need From An Office Phone Service?

I stopped by my insurance agents office a few days ago to pay my bill, he’s just a few doors down from the Starbucks I tend to visit. We got to talking and I asked him what he likes and what he wished his office office phone service offered.

To start with he has 5 lines plus a fax. Problem is all his different phones in the office have different numbers and only the main number will forward to the others. On top of that there’s no continuity in caller ID when they call out.

He also doesn’t have caller ID on incoming calls. So when he gets a frantic call from a customer who was just in an accident or who’s house has flooded and they forget to leave a number because they are frantic, well they’re out of luck, no call back.

These were his two biggest complaints. But what does he like about his service? The only two things he could come up with that he liked about his phone service is that his home calling area extended out about about 70-100 miles in all directions, that was much farther then the giant telco that is offering service to him.

The other thing my agent liked is that he can punch a whole string of numbers into his desk phone and have his office number forwarded to his cell phone.

I am truly flabbergasted and astonished at what small business owners have to put up with in terms of phone service. My agent is a successful insurance agent with money to spend on the his phone system and he was happy that a call 70 miles away isn’t a toll call. Seriously?

So I spent a few minutes with him and explained that everything he has and he wants he can get for about half of what hes paying for now and get a boat load of other features, like an automated menu and dial by name directory, so customers can call and pick the agent or extension they want to talk to not the one that randomly picks up the phone. My agent loved that idea. I explained a few other things like call logs and online account management so he can control where calls terminate and how they route. He asked if he could have a call come into his personal office phone, then forward to his cell phone, then ring back in his office but on someone else’s phone in the office. When I explained that we can do that he almost fell over.

The best part was when I showed him the Mobile Office app for Android he was so excited he could make calls showing his office number versus his cell phone number he took a deep breath and really thanked me. You should have seen his face when I showed him he could initiate conference calls from his mobile, see the call logs send a text message and listen to voicemail.

Ill be back to show my agent a few more things then I think hell be signing up for service. How couldn’t he? Hell get all the features he wants in addition to saving roughly 50% off his current office phone bill.

If you’re interested in getting more details about the Phone.com service or are ready to sign up don’t hesitate to chat with our online customer service or call our 800 number to speak to a specialist.

PS – my agent did sign up and is now a happy customer!