What a Virtual Number Can Do for You

Purchasing a virtual number will simplify how the people in your life can reach you. Virtual phone numbers have a variety of features designed to let you customize your call handling to fit your needs.

The process is simple; there is no hardware to purchase or software to install, no technicians to hire, and no maintenance. You can even configure all your individualized virtual phone number settings through an online account.

To set up your virtual number simply assign your current phone number to your new virtual extension. When people call your new virtual number, they can dial your extension and be forwarded to your existing phone or phone system.

A major benefit of having a virtual number is being able to utilize advanced scheduling. This feature allows you to:

• route incoming calls to different locations based on the day and the time the call is received
• route incoming calls to your cell phone, home phone, voicemail, custom recording, and more
• add additional phone numbers, extensions and minutes as your need increases

In addition, our Follow Me Calling lets you forward your calls to multiple numbers that all ring simultaneously until you answer. It’s a convenient option if you’re moving around and don’t want to be tied to answering one phone.

Once you’ve signed up for a virtual number:

• We will activate your new local phone number and all of your calling features
• You can then use your online account to set up your virtual number and customize it to meet your individual needs
• You have the ability to modify your settings at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plans start at just $4.88/month (for 250 minutes) and are capped at $18.88 for unlimited minutes, with no long-term contracts, and your first month base plan is free! We offer a unique pricing system that allows you to reduce your bill based on the number of people you refer to our service. Refer enough friends and your bill is free. You can even earn credit towards your account if your referrals exceed your total bill!

Start saving time and money with this affordable solution to your personal communication needs. Sign up for our Virtual Phone today!