Web Based Business Phone Systems

 Amazines.com published an article called: “Web Based Business Phone Systems: What Do They Provide Besides Call Forwarding and Voicemail?”

Very nice write up about the value of virtual PBX services to small business. The article focuses on Phone.com and our Virtual Office phone system.

One clarification about the articles title: Yes, a Virtual PBX is, in most cases, web based but web based only as far as the way the user is able to set-up, control and monitor their phone system. A virtual PBX makes it so easy for any user to manage what in a “regular” business phone system (PBX) would require an IT professional.

The business phone service itself is not at all web telephony as some might think. Users answer regular phones connected to regular phone lines (home line, cell phone or a VoIP line).

The article provides quite a detailed overview of what a virtual pbx can do for a small business and focuses on what Phone.com offers. It also provides good commentry on how company branding can benefit from a good phone system and one other good take away is to remember that a virtual pbx provides all of these services for a price that any small business can afford!

Read the article to get a nice overview of what Phone.com Virtual Office can do for you. As always, we would appreciate your comments.