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We’re in the process of launching our brand new Phone.com website.  It’s a beautiful new design if I may say so myself with a whole new feel.  With it comes all kinds of new packages.  We’re now offering more in depth and value rich deals.

We have a great new Plan Finder that asks questions and assists helping you find the best package for you.  We have multi number plans, unlimited minute extensions and all of our usual features just with a new look.  Plus all of our usual features like voicemail transcription and our awesome mobile apps.

One thing I’d like to point out is that our customer service number is now near the top.  It’s a sign showing how dedicated we are to our customers.  Call us day or night and you’re going to get the best customer service available.  We still have all of our customer service reps in the US and we’re proud of it.

Soon we’ll do a walk through of the website to show off the exciting new look and feel.  But for now the best thing is to surf over to Phone.com and look around for yourself.  We’re human don’t forget so if you come across any errors or dead links etc. please help us out and email me (Jeb@Phone.com) and we’ll get it fixed.


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