VoIP Wire Cutters

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It’s hardly a secret that traditional land line telephony has been headed for the same fate as the dinosaurs – done in by a one two knockout consisting of VoIP and wireless telephony.

So it’s only natural to expect to see over time a blending of VoIP and wireless . Indeed it has been happening. For instance, I can forward my Phone.com calls to my cell phone, and even have both my adapter-connected home phone and my wireless ringing at the same time. Phone.com even has an iPhone client for business customers, with that brand of phone operating as an extension of a company’s VoIP business phone system.

Well I just got a shiny new Windows Phone 7 handset. And with all due respect to Apple and the iPhone (which one of my daughters is in love with, while two other daughters are Blackberry fans and my boys opt for Symbian running on Nokia hardware), Microsoft has gotten back in the game with a vengeance. So I’m watching and waiting for what surely will be a trickle and then a flood of VoIP clients encompassing every one of the popular operating systems.

Stuart Zipper is the past Senior Editor of TelecomWeb news break and a contributing editor to Communications Technology.


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