VoIP Solutions For Non Profit Start Ups

There is no question that VoIP providers are making moves to make their services friendlier for companies of all sizes, but what about the non-profit companies? While the same cannot be said of all VoIP providers, Phone.com is making large strides for this niche as well.

Recently, a partnership was formed between Phone.com and a company called Grassroots.org. This partnership will make the VoIP service, including its list of impressive features available to non-profit businesses. Thanks to the efforts of its directors and volunteers non-profits are seeing growth on a much greater level than ever before.
Who is Grassroots? It is the mission of Grassroots, a non-profit in itself, to assist the efforts of non-profit businesses by offering useful business-related services at little or no cost to the non-profit. They focus on web tools and IT needs that can otherwise be costly to secure for a business that has little to spend.
It was recently announced by the company that their membership has reached more than two thousand non-profit businesses. They can also brag over one million dollars worth of services provided to those members. In eleven months time their subscriptions tripled, demonstrating the impact that they are having on the non-profit industry and also winning them favor with IT companies.
How can Their Partnership with Phone.com Help Your Non-Profit? The partnership with phone.com will benefit non-profits substantially. Grassroots promises that “members will be able to get one year of Phone.coms Virtual Office 300 Plan for free.” That includes three hundred minutes of calling to Israel, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, and the USA, low international calling rates, unlimited extensions, and the features that all Phone.com customers know and love.
What Other Services Are Available Through Grassroots? Aside from calling benefits, there are many services, products, and solutions available via a Grassroots subscription. Included on the list are web site creation, development and design, SEO consultation, and a marketplace for the company’s offerings.