VoIP Security Is Even More Vital in 2018

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We’ve talked before about VoIP security and how important it is to use a secure VoIP network for your calls and other connections.

As we move further into the future, though, VoIP security is going to become and even more vital issue. If your VoIP network isn’t secure against hackers and other attacks, there could be big trouble brewing for you and your company in the years to come.

There are some real threats out there to your privacy and security, and many of them would love nothing better than to get unfettered access to your company’s VoIP-based phone system. Fortunately, hacking VoIP services isn’t as easy as some other digital attacks at the moment. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the dangers, though, since it only takes one successful attack to compromise your entire system.

Data Security

Some of the largest data breaches in history have occurred in recent years, including the unprecedented Equifax breach that saw the data of 145.5 million U.S. customers as well as tens of thousands of international customers fall into the hands of hackers.

This mess came a year after the information of 200 million Yahoo! users was published online, and only a few years after a major breach at Sony put the company’s film studio into chaos. Hackers are pulling off larger and larger jobs, and it seems that even some of the largest companies aren’t safe from these attacks.

Of course, most of these attacks come from unpatched vulnerabilities in the companies’ servers and generally poor security practices given the data that’s stored by the companies. VoIP companies have to remain diligent and close any potential vulnerabilities as they are discovered. These efforts will become even more important moving forward, since business customers don’t have to have personally identifying data or industry secrets stored on a server for hackers to try to gain access.

Mobile Security

VoIP services are making the shift to mobile in a big way.

It’s estimated that there were approximately 1 billion mobile VoIP users at the end of 2017, and that number is only going to grow in coming years as the upcoming 5G mobile data standard comes closer to implementation. Mobile VoIP lets users connect to Wi-Fi and use data networks to place calls, and also grants access to all of the features of the user’s VoIP network. The problem is that hackers and malware are targeting mobile devices more than ever, making mobile VoIP a potential target as well.

Mobile security software is a must-have for just about any mobile device these days. The need is especially pressing if you use your device to access your VoIP network since you don’t want to put the security of your network at risk. VoIP providers also take mobile security very seriously, doing their best to make mobile apps secure to prevent unwanted access.

Smarter Security

It’s believed that 2018 will see an increased amount of artificial intelligence appearing in software, which raises the possibility of AI-enabled threats that could attempt to breach your network security.

This shift isn’t quite as scary as it sounds, of course; AI-enabled software would simply have components that are capable of analyzing their operating environment to determine a course of action, meaning that we don’t have to fear the Matrix just yet. Still, the possibility of a threat that could smartly scan for vulnerabilities in your system as it tries to gain access to your VoIP network is nothing to sneeze at.

Fortunately, researchers are developing AI-enabled security software that can better analyze unknown threats and determine if they are malicious. This could be a giant boon toward fighting data breaches and unauthorized access in the future, especially as hackers grow bolder due to the success of high-profile attacks.

VoIP providers are almost certain to begin incorporating AI-enabled security as it becomes available to better keep your VoIP connections safe from harm.

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