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Voicemail is still an integral part of the business process.  Some people won’t send a text message, some won’t send an email, typically these people will leave a voicemail.  To them I say, HAHA, gotcha.  

When you leave a voicemail with Phone.com we can send you an email and or text message alerting you to the new message.  The message is included in the email so it can easily be listened to on your computer.  Or if you prefer to listen to it on your mobile phone, you can do so via the email or our Mobile Office app.  

To view the settings for this in your Phone.com Control Panel log into your admin account or extension.  Once at the extension select Settings from the left column and scroll to the bottom.  Check the boxes and put in your email where it asks as well as your cell phone number.  Obviously set it up how you’d like.  

If you want your voicemail transcribed you can have that done as well.  On the same settings page just above Notification Settings is Voicemail.  You can pick different options, either Human Assisted Transcription for ¢25/message (first 4 are free) or Automated Transcription for $1.50/month.  If you want either of these you will have to check the box next to Text Voicemail Service then pick your service.  Don’t forget to Save Changes when you’re done.  


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