Visualize Your Business: The Value of Infographics

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Visualize your business using infographics


It’s no secret that we have less time to read these days. If you’re like me, you have a pile of books on your desk and nightstand.

Your customers are busy too, and they appreciate anything you do to help them grasp your products and services quicker. One way to do that is using an infographic, a simple but engaging visual representation of a concept or phenomenon.

Take for instance this simple infographic by Funders and Founders on launching your own startup. It’s shorter than a business textbook, isn’t it?


How to Start a Startup - Infographic by Funders and Founders


Why Infographics?

Why is publishing an infographic better than writing a blog post or listing a set of statistics?

In short, infographics are:

  • More compelling than printed text
  • Easier to read and remember because they are visual
  • They provide tangible value at low cost
  • Re-usable on various platforms and easily shared by your audience
  • Raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your social streams
  • Fun! Infographics let you connect in a light-hearted way with your customers.

This is not a full infographic, but take a look at a very simple diagram that we use to show customers how a phone call can be routed through the system. So much easier to understand, not so?




Using Infographics to Inform Your Customer Base

Browse Hubspot’s list of the best infographics of 2015 and you’ll get an idea of how to use visual aids to simplify things for your audience.

Simply, if you’re an organic produce supplier, create an infographic showing how your product is sourced, or which fruit and veggies are available at different times throughout the year. Post the same infographic regularly to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and add it to your monthly newsletters. If you’re a tax consultant, summarize the top five ways to minimize taxation, or explain a complex concept like capital gains. Infographics are all about providing value to your audience.

Learning Through Infographics

That pile of business books on your desk? Truth told, you might not get through them this year. But you can gain a wealth of information on starting or growing your business through infographics. Think of them as more attractive and engaging Cliffs Notes!

You will find infographics on all of your favorite news and industry sites, but you can also seek them out by topic. Google your search term plus “infographic,” then click to view Google’s image results. Pinterest is also a great tool for finding infographics on entrepreneurship, marketing and a variety of other business topics.

Creating Your Own Infographics

So, how do you make your own infographics? As a cash-strapped small business, you may not have access to a graphic designer. Summarize the information you want to convey, sketch it out on paper, and then set about designing!

Here are a few design tools that we like that will help you turn out original infographics.

For additional tools, see 20 Cool Tools for Creating Infographics by Jeff Bullas.

Let Us Know!

Have you used infographics before? How well were they received, and would you use them again? Join the conversation as we talk about Growing Your Business this month on our blog.




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