Virtual Office – Virtual Phone and Virtual Address

At we understand the benefit of appearing professional and having a business quality phone services even for the smallest home based business.
We see the growth of our own Virtual Office service and the need so many small businesses have for a business phone number, a toll free number, extension transfers between partners and also the ability to keep a home phone number or private cell phone number, well, private.

But today I wanted to talk about another “virtual” service: US mailing addresses for a small business what can be used for people who are in transition, or in need of a US mailing address is a great tool for a home business that does not want to provide his/her home address or perhaps not event there city (so they wont use a local mailbox service).

Perhaps it is not virtual after all as the address is real but a New York company: My US Post Box does exactly that. They provide you with a US address and deliver any mail from that address to your real address. You can even get email notifications everytime you get mail and you can login to an account and view the mail that is waiting for you and even read scanned mail!


MyUSPostBox promises the most secure mail storage and is perfect for US residents who live overseas but need to have an official US address for credit cards and other banking requirements.