Virtual Office Phone Systems from

Traditional phone services can be expensive and require complicated set up with expensive handsets, but Virtual Office from offers affordable business phone services with all of the bells and whistles.

Virtual office adds a sense of professionalism and ease of use for all businesses large or small. Its comprehensive list of features will ensure that you will never miss a phone call again.
Virtual Office offers all of the necessary features required for business customers like free unlimited extensions with personal voice mail, international calling, menus, hold music, conferencing, call recording, call waiting and call transfer. In addition to these necessary services, they offer all of the premium services that traditional phone services charge a fortune for.

Many businesses struggle with ensuring that all calls are answered whether the staff is in the office or on the go. Virtual Office by has a variety of features that leave all calls accounted for. There are several different notification options for receiving messages like Caller ID, personalized voice mail, Text voicemail transcription, plus Web & Email Voicemail Delivery. Voicemail transcription is especially useful when you are in a meeting or otherwise unavailable to speak.

Virtual Office is an ideal provider for international calling. No – not from the US but rather from other countries into the US! For an additional monthly fee as low as $4.88 you can have your customer or other business associates call your US based business using Global Numbers. This feature provides you with a local number for various countries around the world simplifying your international business ventures. This will give your international callers local business presence in their respective countries. Global Numbers are great for small businesses that want to promote a big business image all while offering your international clients an option that doesn’t require them to pay international fees.

The Mobile Office app allows you to perform most of the functions that you can do through your office phone right from your Android device. With the Mobile Office app you will be able to manage your voicemail, view faxes, show call history, block calls and make calls from your Virtual Office phone number without showing your cell phone number.
Virtual Office is extremely easy to use and adding additional lines is easy and hassle free. Comprehensive phone support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Professional phone service for businesses starts at only $9.88 a month with special promotions like 1 month free and free number transfer.