Virtual Phone Service: The Benefits of Having Multiple Lines Ring to One Virtual Phone Number

Are you moving, changing offices or relocating to a new city? has the answer to unify all your phone numbers: a virtual number.

No longer will you have to miss a call that rings to your office number when you’re at home. Say “goodbye” to sending emails to your staff letting them know what times you’ll be where; instead, have all work and home calls routed to one phone. The phone you designate to ring.’s Virtual Number allows you to simplify your life with all your calls going to one phone and ring. Virtual Number allows you to choose which of your phones ring … or you can send calls from certain numbers directly to your voicemail.

Click here to order your VIRTUAL NUMBER, starting at just $4.88 per month! Virtual Number allows you to:

• Route all calls to one phone to make your life easier
• Keep your phone numbers
• Customize greetings based on incoming numbers
• Screen all calls
• Convert all voicemail messages to text
• Send faxes from your account
• Get 24/7 support
• Order service without a long-term contract
• Pay as little as $4.88 per month

So stop the annoyance of carrying more than one phone. Quit checking multiple voicemails. Don’t bother with long-term contracts with high monthly fees.

Want to learn more about Virtual Number? The phone service experts at can answer any questions you may have about routing incoming calls to one phone. Start simplifying your life today with a Virtual Number!