Virtual First Impression Counts Too

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Entrepreneur using VOIP

You only have one chance to make a first impression, a golden rule in business and life. In the traditional brick and mortar or retail environment, this might be a well lit building and clear signage outside. Or maybe it’s clean floors and tables in a diner and impeccable rest rooms. Either way, you want your customers to feel welcome and keep coming back.


But how does this golden rule translate to the virtual world, where business is being done from your home office, mobile phone and virtual office? The answer is professional recordings. The first impression your clients get is the greeting they hear when calling your business. Nothing sounds more fishy than a business that has a great website and print ads, but when you call the greeting is unprofessional and unclear. It’s almost as if you think you called the wrong company. You’ve spent thousand of dollars on your website and advertising; don’t skimp on your phone recordings. has recognized the need to make your business image stand out. We’ve gone out of our way to create a resource of professional voices for you to use to create a brand identity that will not only communicate a message to your clients, but also let them know you are a professional organization. Best of all, professional recordings are priced for any size business large or small.


Some best practices to use when setting up your auto-attendant greetings include:
• Keep it brief. Keep the number of options to around 3 and don’t go deeper than 3 levels.
• Be sure to include an option to go to a live operator whenever possible and an option to repeat the menu.
• Put the most requested information in the beginning of the announcement. Clients will get frustrated if they can’t get to the appropriate information quickly.
• Use simple clear consist language.


Remember, offer 24*7 live support to guide you with your set up process!

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