Virtual Businesses – Cell Phone, VoIP, or Both?

Many individuals are saying goodbye to their standard phone lines and opting to use the cell phones alone. However, does that mean that it would be wise for a small business to do the same?

Cell Phone Alone – There are many things that cell phones can offer that standard lines cannot. The first is obviously mobility. There is also the vast number of applications for smartphones that turn them into an essential office on the go. There are apps for scanning and faxing with a phones camera, apps for instantly sending information to another phone or PC, and apps for sorting, evaluating, and recording ongoing customer accounts. So doing it with a cell alone can seem appealing, but consider the options, weigh the pros and cons before you make that decision.

Pairing for Power – There is an alternative to supporting a standard line and a cell., for example, offers Call Handling Rules. Essentially a single number can be used to dial a variety of phones, including your mobile. If you opt not to have another phone, there is nothing to lose. can become your virtual second line, so you are armed with a personal and a business phone number, but only need to tote a single cell. also recently introduced a mobile application, which can provide an easier use on the go, option to calling from your number direct from the cell. Better still, though, are some of the additional features which become instantly available to you simply by possessing a account. These features include voicemail to email, which makes retrieving your voicemail an “anywhere in the world, from any computer” activity. It also makes it possible to forward those voicemails on to business partners who can better address the concern or when you want a day off. Also, there is the fax capability, which makes it easy to send faxes with a computer and scanner and received faxes from PC or smartphone. For as little as $4.88 per month the virtual phone line can be yours; a very small price to pay for the added convenience.