Interested in a Little Brand Recognition? (1-800-NotVain)

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The term vanity phone number is a bit strange, because vanity numbers have very little to do with vanity. A vanity number is a local or toll-free phone number made up letters or numbers that are either easy to remember or represent your business well. For example, 858-555-5000 or 1-800-FLOWERS. And vanity numbers are all about brand recognition, a very practical, desirable and necessary part of doing business. Finding a good vanity number to help customers remember you can be hard—the best ones are often taken. And while choosing a great vanity number is one thing, having an outstanding phone service to back it up is quite another!


Which is why we’re excited to announce that Fit Small Business, a service offering product reviews for small business owners has just identified as the very best place to buy a toll-free vanity number! Fit Small Business identifies a few reasons for choosing

  • is the cheapest way to find toll-free vanity numbers that have not already been registered
  • Our versatile call handling options and auto attendant (menu system)
  • Our economical phone plans—our basic plan is just $9.99/month

They also tag us as one of the top three business VoIP services, just by the way.

Local Vanity Numbers Available

While toll-free vanity numbers have long been our specialty, we now also offer outstanding LOCAL vanity phone numbers. What’s a local vanity? A vanity number for your local area code—designed to give your local customers an easy phone number to remember. Think 1-862-phone4U. If you’re considering a vanity number for your business, we’d love to hear from you! Learn More:

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