Vanity numbers and your business

A vanity number is a phone number that can be communicated verbally using words, as opposed to just listing off numbers. For example, 1-800 BUY TOYS or 1-800 SHOP RATES. Customers and prospects simply dial the numbers corresponding to the letters in the vanity number and that can mean increased visibility and sales to your business.

Specifically, in a controlled test environment comparing the use of a vanity 800 number against a standard numeric phone number in a radio advertising campaign, 58% more calls came in via the vanity phone number. This should not be surprising as Vanity 800 numbers are easier to remember than random sequences. Results show that more callers respond to ads using phone numbers that are customized for your product, brand or business. Benefits extend also to outdoor billboards and print advertising as well.

The 800 prefix is the most popular toll free brand but 888, 877, or 866 are all heavily used. For even greater ad response, a customized phone number related to your product or service greatly increases effectiveness beyond the obvious use of the 800 prefix.

Even if you decide that you are not ready or don’t need an 800 number, a memorable phone number with staying power brings in more prospects. That’s why you’ll see Taxi companies that rely on incoming calls, for instance, using numbers like 877-7777. Random numeric numbers dilute your sales message because hard to remember numbers need to be repeated more frequently to be effective. Vanity numbers have been proven to increase calls instantly, but a phone number thats easy to remember also builds your brand. Potential prospects remember catchy phone numbers months down the road, especially if they are set to music. This kind of top of mind awareness is invaluable and should be a serious consideration when considering phone service as part of your overall marketing plan. supports your overall marketing plan by giving you the freedom to use an existing number, which you may have had for years, or by allowing you to select a number in your local calling area or anywhere else in the US. If you choose Virtual Office, you can also select Toll Free numbers and Vanity Toll Free numbers. Each plan includes at least one phone number. Additional numbers can be added to your plan for an additional charge if you use Virtual Office. Some of our phone services like Virtual Office also support Global Numbers and enable you to add numbers overseas from approximately fifty different countries around the world.