Using Virtual Office To Stay In Touch While Abroad

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Last week my friend called me asking for a cell phone to use while he was on vacation in Europe over the next 2 weeks, I was happy to oblige and brought over a nice high end Nokia.  He borrowed a world sim from his brother and got an Estonian phone number with it.  This is fine for him but his Dad (who I’ve written about before) didn’t like the idea of having to call Estonia.  He didn’t want his wife to have to figure out how to call her son either.  

So I suggested to Mr. H that we set up an extension on his Virtual Office account that would forward to the Estonian number.  So now Mrs. H can call her husbands 800 number, dial the extension and it will ring through to her sons cell phone. All of this will cost her the price of a local call (which is typically free these days) and it will cost her husbands business ¢3.9per minute.  Yes that’s not even ¢4 for every minute she talks.  On the other hand, their home phone service that starts with a V (but I don’t want to name names) charges $2.82* per minute.  That’s a size-able difference, even for a short call.  

I logged onto Mr. H’s Virtual Office account and in under 2 minutes added the extension and forwarded it to the Estonian cell phone number.  This saved the family $2.76 per minute of calling.  

I can imagine many businesses doing this kind of thing when employees travel or live abroad and need to stay in touch.  This works for almost all cell phones in most countries around the globe.

*That is without a calling plan.  Calling plans are bundles of 300 or 500 minutes, much more then they need.