Using The Cloud To Save Money As A Small Business

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I’ve been giving a lot of thought these days to very small companies.  I’m talking between 1to 3 people.  It’s not easy, typically it’s a bootstrap operation and everyone is pinching pennies.  Cutting the fat but staying healthy as a company is key.  Your company needs to be smart but still spend money on the necessities.

The “Cloud” is helping make this possible in a way that’s never been seen before.  Companies can now put basically their entire operation in the cloud.  Meaning no need to purchase or rent servers to run your email, telephone service and much more.  With services like Google Apps you can run large parts of your organization.  From email to word processing, spread sheets and Power Point style presentations it can all be done inside of Google Apps.  Then there’s the CRM’s, some examples are Nimble and SalesForce, they can do some really amazing things now.

But I want to cover telephone service on a budget and in the Cloud. has multiple offerings but again I’m going to stick to the very small business theme here.  You can get a company phone number wether it’s a local number or an 800 number for under $10 per month.  Some may think this is only going to offer the most basic service but it’s as powerful as our most expensive service.  From our Mobile Office app for Android and BlackBerry’s allowing you to make calls from your mobile phone but have it look on the outgoing caller ID like your sitting at a big desk in a high rise in the city.  No one need ever know.  We offer call forwarding also known as Follow Me/Find Me services.

If you have 3 people in your company, each of them can get an extension (we offer unlimited extensions) and have it ring on their cell phone.  You’ll get a full Automated Menu, cheap international rates, free incoming and outgoing SMS (your carrier may charge for incoming/outgoing text), we’ll even transcribe your voicemail for you (for a small fee) and email or text it to you.  There are over 60 features you get with our sub $10 plan, less then lunch at a sit down restaurant.



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