Using The Call Back Feature In Mobile Office To Save Money When Traveling

When you travel do you use a local sim card for your phone? I do because I just don’t want to pay my US cell phone provider their exorbitant roaming fees. One of the benefits of doing this is that in many countries you get free incoming calls. Well what does that have to do with you ask???

One of the features of our amazing Mobile Web app and Mobile Office apps for Android and Blackberry is that you can set it to Call Back mode in the settings. Meaning that when you initiate a call the phone uses a tiny amount of data (internet) and tells to call you back and then connect your call. This is a big deal because if you have free incoming calls you get to receive that call for free and just use a small amount of data.

This is a big deal for me because I’ll be in Barcelona, Spain in 2 weeks and instead of paying roaming to my US carrier I’ll be using a local Spanish sim card and having the app call me back. The sim card in Spain is super cheap (under 20Euro) and it includes data so I’ll be making calls as if I’m at home in my office on my cell phone in Barcelona. This is a very easy and cost effective solution when traveling outside the US.

Android-call back mode