Use Your Business Phone System to Track Leads

If you want to know exactly where all your calls – better known as potential business leads – are coming from, your business phone needs to have an effective call log in place.

Using VoIP technology, call logs allow you to view all:

• Incoming calls
• Outgoing calls
• Fax calls
• Missed calls

These calls are all conveniently listed at the date and time they occur, so you can easily see who is calling your business and when – what better way to track where your business is coming from? As an added benefit, you can view missed calls, so even if a potential customer did not leave a voicemail, you can call them back and turn their missed call into a business opportunity.

Do you want to identify your peak calling hours so you better know how to staff your business phone? Start tracking your call logs, and let the data do the talking.

Have you noticed that calls from certain numbers are causing complications? Identify the problem numbers in your call log and block them – it’s that easy.’s Virtual Office business phone service utilizes a helpful Control Panel where you can view all your call log information quickly and easily. By signing up for this great service, your business phone system will benefit from a variety of unique features. On your Control Panel, you can choose to view call logs:

• Made to a specific queue or extension
• Coming to or from an individual number
• One extension at a time

As a further convenience,’s business phone call logging system allows you to download your call logs to a CSV system. This way you can organize and categorize them however you’d like in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

When it comes down to it, your business phone system needs to work for you, and utilizing call logs is one excellent way to make that happen.