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More and more these days people are avoiding listening to voicemail. There are all kinds of services that will transcribe your messages and even some on phone apps. But I like’s transcription above all the services I’ve used and tested over the years. We have a computer transcribed option as well as a human transcribed option and both do a great job.

But what about your cell phone voicemail? Is it just stuck in some lost medium? Mine used to be, I used to just avoid voicemail and have been talked to about it a few times. My Mom is one of those people who gave me a hard time about it and was 1 of her friends that called me for some mobile tech support. So it got me thinking how I could handle it. I decided to get smart and use as more then a home and SMB phone system but use it as my answering service as well.

Here’s how it goes. I added another phone number to my Virtual Office account then forward all my unanswered calls by entering *004*1xxxxxxxxxx*11# (the xxx represent my newly added number) and press send (or call, etc.). Now all my missed calls on my cell phone number are forwarded to versus my carrier picking them up.

Then I set up my new Virtual Office number to have all incoming calls go straight to voicemail. At this point you would have the option to have your calls transcribed, which I highly recommend. It’s $1.50/month for automated transcription and ¢25/message (first 4 are free) if you want human transcription. This can be found in the settings section. Don’t forget to also set up notifications so you get an email (that includes the voicemail) and or a text message alerting you to a new message.

Lastly if you’d like to turn off call forwarding from your cell phone to your new Virtual Office number type into your phone ##0004# and press send (or call, etc.). If you have any questions or comments please post them in the comments or on Facebook/Twitter or if you’d like feel free to email me at


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