Upgrading To An iPhone Means Cheaper Calling Abroad With Phone.com

My Mom just upgraded to an iPhone from her old dumb phone for so many different reasons. She wanted to have a camera with her all the time, she wants to show pictures off of her grand kids to her friends and mostly she wants to be able to call my sister in Israel from her cell phone with out paying an arm and a leg.

My Mom has only been calling my sister from her land line telephone for years now. She’s really tiered of not being able to call when she’s at work, a friends house or at an airport. My Mom has been stuck for years with no option. But in the last few months she’s started to let on she wants an iPhone. So last week I ordered one for her. When it arrived I set her up on email, and showed her how to download apps. I found out that very night she started surfing the web and slept with it on her nightstand. Her next question was how do I call your sister using Phone.com? So I’ve set up Phone.com’s Mobile VoIP App on her nifty new phone and she’s been calling my sister ever since over WiFi versus Verizon and paying a fraction of what she was paying before.

I decided not to do a pricing comparison from Phone.com to Verizon home phone service or AT&T Wireless because I don’t want people to laugh out loud at how much the giant telco’s are charging. Do keep in mind that if you pay $4/month for the privilege of calling overseas at a discounted rate it’s cheaper but still more then Phone.com.

My Mom is thrilled that she can now call my sister overseas and chat with her and my nephew for free on their home phone and for only ¢10/minute to my sisters cell phone. This is CHEAP compared to other carriers and you just can’t beat free to land lines.

Lesson here is free yourself from the giant telco’s and put Phone.com on all your smart phones.