Upgrade Your Business Phone Service with Professional Phone Greetings

Whether you operate a large corporation or a small family-owned company, you need to have an effective business phone system in place to take your clients’ calls. During business hours, anyone who’s calling needs to be able to easily connect with a representative to get the information they need. A frustrated customer who doesn’t see your business as reliable or trustworthy isn’t likely to be a customer for long.

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An effective call forwarding system is a great way to handle calls that come in during normal business hours, but what’s the best way to help customers who call outside of those designated times? You can answer that question by determining what your customers are looking for when they try to call you.

Customers who call your business either have a specific question or would like additional information about your products and services. If they call when you’re not open, they need to know your business is going to:

• Give them the option to leave a voicemail for the party they’re trying to reach
• Listen to that voicemail once business resumes the following day
• Respond to your inquiry in a reasonable amount of time

To reduce any potential customer anxiety, you need to establish professional phone greetings that are automatically enabled when your business is closed. These greetings give credibility to your business phone system [LINK TO: http://phone.com/products/virtual-office/] and let customers know you value their call and will return it as soon as possible.

Phone.com offers business phone service that includes professional phone greetings and an array of other helpful features.