Unlimited Minute Extension On Phone.com for iPhone

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Do you ever find yourself on a really long conference call or stuck on the phone with your bank for what seems like forever? It happens to me more often then I’d like to admit and a few times I’ve gone over my cell phone minutes which is always quite painful. With all the offers for unlimited plans these days you’d think that would never happen, but I generally don’t talk that much so I don’t pay for them. Plus with my MUCH cheaper unlimited plan from Phone.com (only $21.88 per month) that I actually find very worth while I’ve been able to make all those annoyingly long phone calls from my iPhone using our Mobile VOIP app and never pay my cell phone provider a penny for them.

I could have unlimited calls on my desktop phone as well but I’ve never gone over my minutes there and even if I do it’s not an ungodly charge like with AT&T.

So now I make all my potentially really long calls on my iPhone and I usually use a headset to keep both hands free for typing during all that enjoyable hold time or listening in to conference calls. I’ve found it much nicer this way not stressing thinking I’m going to go over my minutes.