UK rural broadband upgrades may mean more VoIP customers – what can we learn in the US?

It is no secret that in order to have successful VoIP service an individual or company must first have high speed Internet connection. This is a problem for many of the people living or working in the more rural areas of the world. In the UK, however, efforts are being made to increase the number of people provided access to broadband Internet.

The Scottish Government has agreed that an increased population with access to the Internet will only mean that the country has better chance to improve business function and provide more homes the tools they need to improve their knowledge base. However, this news excites more than the Scottish Internet industry. It is big news for those in VoIP as well. A new population with access to broadband means the potential to further growth of the VoIP market. There are currently several VoIP providers operating in that part of the world, and many more could easily make the jump from America and other portions of the globe to accommodate these new broadband users.

The fact that the government is standing up for this population despite their less dense numbers per square mile is highly noteworthy and a trend that will hopefully take hold across the globe. It represents more efficient business, increased learning opportunities at home, and even the potential for decreased waste. Though technology does leave a carbon footprint, it can also help to erase much of what is currently being left. Quick Internet access means fewer people needing access to printed news publications- so less paper waste- and VoIP services absolve the need for fax machines, as they handle this service virtually- so again less paper and ink cartridge waste.

Aside from the positive environmental impact, this step by government will undoubtedly help those businesses involved work more efficiently, while saving money on calling and communication. VoIP service can save as much as forty dollars per month per line over traditional landlines in the United States. It will also provide students and parents the opportunity to learn more efficiently at home. The Internet is an unlimited resource of information and cheaper calling and messaging- even video calling options- via VoIP means better collaboration with classmates and coworkers.

As we were writing this blog post we saw this post coming from Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson. This post comes after the FCC indicated they may not pursue the regulation of broadband availability and after a court sided with cable giant Comcast on this matter.

I agree with Fred and will quote his ending quote:

“…Ill end with a quote from Googles brief they filed recently in support of the FCCs efforts:
we need a regulatory framework that reflects where we are going not where we were twenty years ago. Honestly, this debate should not be about the FCCs ability to regulate the internet under some arcane definition that was set up a long time ago. We need Congress to rewrite the laws of the land that regulate our communications systems of this century, not the last one.”