Twitter for small business

The Wall Street Journal has its Small Business supplement today.
Good read anytime they have it. You can also follow them online.

I just want to point out to the story Raymund Flandez had about twitter today and some new Twitter applications that can be useful for small business. started using Twitter not so long ago. We welcome anyone and especially our customers to follow us.
We also welcome any suggestions as to how to help improve our service.

We hear many people still questioning what it Twitter all about and how long before this “internet darling” fades and makes room for the next great internet sensation, however if you take the time you will find out that Twitter CAN help your small business and is NOT only for celebrities or internet geeks.

So try Twitter, read the WSJ story and i leave you with this comment from the article:

“…Of course, companies of any size can use these services. But they can be particularly important for small businesses, which can ill afford to spend lots of time and resources figuring out how to make the most of Twitter. Tools for improved filtering and automation of Twitter tasks are “a particular boon,” says Laura Fitton, co-author of “Twitter for Dummies.” “