Small Business Owners Ask Their Top Three Questions about VoIP Phone Service

Small businesses are moving more and more toward VoIP services, but there are those that definitely act hesitant to do so. Reasons for this resistance to change? Well, I don’t think it has to do so much with a stubborn attitude as much as it has to do with fear regarding how the change will affect the business. Therefore, here are the top three questions- with answers- that I think most small companies would have when considering the switch to VoIP.

#1) Is it really going to save me money?
Business is all about the bottom line, so why wouldn’t this be the first and most important question that any business would ask. The answer? Yes, VoIP services can save a company a tremendous amount of money per month. Compared to traditional phone lines, for example, our VoIP lines can save as much as $40 per month per personal phone line and offer a host of features for free that would typically cost extra with a traditional phone company – if available at all.
In addition to this, with virtual numbers, VoIP providers can offer these companies the ability to forward calls to a myriad of different numbers in order to assure that business opportunities are never missed, even when someone can’t be in the office.

#2) Is it going to be reliable?
Yes. Though by definition VoIP (Voice over IP) depends on some sort of IP (internet) connection. Some bigger bushinesses may contract a provider who will install a managed internet network in yor offuce but for most small businesses and home offices who rely on the “regular” internet, even if the Internet was to disappear one night (yeah, right), with our virtual numbers, for example, you’d still never to miss a call. They can be sent directly to your cell phone, home phone or any other number you designate. Also, the online voicemail system means that you can access your inbox from anywhere. So if the Internet is out at the office, head home, to the coffee shop, or to your smartphone, listen to your messages and call them back immediately.

#3) Is it really going to be easy to learn?
A small business owner or manager doesn’t have a great deal of time to be dedicated to learning or training on a new phone system. Thankfully, many hosted VoIP providers, such as, can operate right off your existing phone system, so no one has to set up or learn a new one. The additional features that come with your service can be set up at your leisure with your password protected online account and most VoIP providers offer a strong customer service team to answer any questions you might have along the way. Though, chances are good you won’t need them.