Tools You Need for Every Conference Call You Make

The average conference call usually lasts about an hour. In that hour, business deals are made, meetings are conducted, goals are accomplished and companies expand. Every company in the world relies on conference calls to conduct everyday business tasks, which is why the phone service company you choose is extremely important. If you can’t hear clearly, the call drops or the service is disrupted then your bottom line is directly affected. You could lose that business deal, miss out on some important information, or lose valuable time having to set up the conference call for another day due to phone service complications. If you want a reliable phone service company that offers flexibility, one-of-a-kind features and reduced communication costs, then go with is a VoIP service company that offers affordable packages with incredible features — including three important conference call tools that you won’t be able to get with your standard phone service provider. These include:

1. Moderator Controls — Allows you to take control of your conference call and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Hit the mute button when you want to discuss something privately with the business associates in the room, or lock the conference call to avoid eavesdropping. With moderator controls, you control your own conference call destiny.

2. HD Voice Quality — What good is having a conference call if you can’t hear the call clearly? If you are conducting a major business deal, you need to hear all of the details with the utmost voice precision. With clear and crisp HD voice quality, you won’t miss a word of the conversation.

3. HD Conferencing Bridge — If you can’t set up a conference call with other companies because of incompatible phone systems, you’re in trouble. offers an HD Conferencing Bridge that is compatible with any phone service or system. Every smart businessman knows that you have to “bridge” the gaps in order to be successful.