Toll Free Tips: I have 4 sales associates how can I have them all get calls from our main company number?

Are you a small business with say 3-4 sales associates that are on the road a lot? Most likely each associate has a cell phone where they get business calls as well as personal calls. What happens when a prospect client calls your main office number? (perhaps the “office” is your home or your cell phone?). How will you transfer them to one of your sales associates? How do you know which one of them is free? What happens if you get a second call in the middle of a conversation?

You can solve all these issues simply by getting a Virtual Office account and setting up a call QUEUE. Plans start at only $9.88 per month and involve no set up fee and no long term commitment (cancel any month and first month is free for you to test the service).

Here is how it works: You get a phone number from (you can choose any area code, toll free or even use your existing number). Once you have a number you can set up greetings and call menus and direct callers to the appropriate destination. The queue allows you to send callers to the first number in the queue (say “sales associate #1”) and if he/she is on the phone or does not answer the call will go to “sales associate #2 and so on.. if all 4 sales associates are on the phone than the 5th caller will hear a “you are next in line” message and wait with your choice of music on hold. Your sales associates will even be able to tell that the call is a business call from the corporate line and not mix up with a private call.

So that is it, just like those big call center solutions but affordable for any size business.

If you have any questions contact our customer service department, we are open 24*7 and are here to help.