Toll Free Tips: How to use your cell phone for business but not be bothered when you want private time?

So many of us use the same cell phone for business and also for private use. Joel Farar, a top rated Los Angeles car accident lawyer uses his cell phone often for business, since calls get forwarded to him after hours. However we dont want to always be bothered with business related calls when we are not working (evenings and weekends may be obvious but also vacation time, day off etc). Yes we have caller ID but the phone still rings.

With you can not only get a number that will 1) inform you what number the caller is calling from and, 2) who the caller is and 3) decide whether you want to take the call or send it to voicemail but you can also set up call schedules and after hour greetings and decide when you want to get business calls routed to your cell phone and when to your home office phone, a colleague or go straight to voicemail.

By setting up schedules you can decide which of your phones will ring at what time, what day or even route specific callers to your voicemail.

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