Toll Free Tips: How to speed dial your voicemail and call 3rd parties from your cell phone?

All customers can access their Inbox account from their phones. To do that you need to dial your number (say it is 888.444.1212) and enter star [ * ] and then your extension number (say 122). You will then hear a prompt asking you to enter your password (say 12345) and then pound [ # ]. Now you are in your “Inbox” and you can click 1 to listen to new voicemails or 2 for old voicemails or 4 to make outbound calls to anyone.

You can learn more about all this by going to this link.

We know it is annoying to type in so many numbers on our cell phone. Even if you use speed dial to dial your number you still need to enter the extension and password etc.

However, most cell phones today have the ability to add all the “extra” dialing to the speed dial, so when you hit the speed dial for “My account” (or whatever you call it) the phone will dial the number + the extension + the password and all you need to do is press 1 to listen to voicemails or press 4 to make an outbound call to any number you want.

The outbound call options offers you to main advantages: 1) you can use it like a calling card to dial internationaly at very low rates an b) you get to bypass your cell phone number and call people while your number is shown as your caller ID.

So how to do this? See some screen shots of how this works on 3 different phones (remember, this is just a sample and every phone does it a little different).



See the commas and and star – the commas ensure the pause between the main number and the extension and password.


Blackberry Bold:

Go to add contact and add your number as a contact, after entering the number, click the “blackberry symbol button, to get the drop down menu and look for “add pause” – see photo below:

bberry -pause function

… add the pause (see what it looks like below – remember different models may behave a little different).


…continue entering all the numbers, stars, pound and pauses and see what it will look like:


Old Motorola phone:

Finally, you can do this even with older model cell phones. See for example this older Motorola pocket phone:

DSC_1890 DSC_1891

Hope this helps. Remember that you can use these functions for any other number you might want to save to your cell phone and perform these advanced dialing functions.

If you have any questions let us know by writing to or by contacting our customer support center.