Toll Free Tips: How to call anyone, anywhere and from any phone but appear to them as if you called from your “regular” phone number?

Say your phone number is 222-333-4444 and all your contacts know that is your phone number. But what if you are not next to your phone? Or, worse what if you are at the beach but need to call your important client who thinks you are in your office working on his/her project?

With a account you get a phone number that is your phone number no matter where you are and no matter what phone you want to use to dial out of. So when you are in your office near your “real” every day phone you appear calling from your 222-333-4444 number but even if you are at that nice beach using your friends cell phone to make that important call to your client you can still appear to your client as if you are calling from 222-333-4444.

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