Toll Free Tips: How do your overseas customers or clients call you?

If you are a small business with customers, clients, partners or vendors in other countries how easy do you make it for them to reach you by phone?

Do they have to dial those confusing international numbers? is it 011 or 001 or something else? perhaps they were told to use the plus ( + ) sign to call an international number?

What about the price? even with a local mobile phone, international calls (let alone lengthy business calls) get expensive? Do you want to have your clients pay for that?

With Global Numbers you can get a phone number in anyone of over 40 countries and then let your clients or any other associates of your business who are in that country call you on a local call and reach your US based phone.

For example: if you are in Chicago but have many clients in London, get a London phone number from ($4.88 per month) as part of your Virtual Office service and your clients in London dial that local London number and get to you in Chicago.

Its that Simple. Try it – call Phone.con 24*7 to find out more.