Toll Free Tips: Call Blasts (we call them chatcalls)

Here is a real life example I came across last week. This one is a personal (as opposed to a business scenario but you will see what i mean).

One of our customers was expecting a baby. As so many of us have done he got a list of phone numbers so that he can call after the baby is born.

However, rather than making 15-20 calls he simply sent a chat call from his account. How does that work: he recorded the message he wanted: “Hi all .. we have a baby girl… 8p weight, 19 inch, mom and baby are great … more later” (ok – you get the idea…).

Next he entered the phone numbers of all the relatives/friends and pressed “send”.

One call. Rings all on the list and broadcasts (or blasts) the good news.

Thats it. one more great feature from!