Title: Coffee And Customer Service Hangout: Customer Service Tantrums

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Anyone with children knows that every child will inevitably resort to throwing a tantrum to try to get their way.  If they continue to do it, it’s probably because they end up getting what they wanted.  Customers  can often be the same way and in a world where so many companies believe “The customer is always right” the customer usually does get their way.


On Friday, September 13 at 1pm Eastern, Jenny Dempsey (@jennysuedempsey) and Jeremy Watkin (@jtwatkin) will be hosting a Coffee And Customer Service Hangout with a couple of our awesome customer service representatives to discuss this topic from the perspective of a customer service professional.  You can tune into the hangout live on YouTube or go to CommunicateBetterBlog.com to see it in its entirety.  They will tweet a link to the hangout from @commbetterblog prior to the event.  We hope you can join us!

… and if you missed it live… here is the video: