Time To Change Your Hold Music

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I just spent 10 minutes on hold and by the end I was losing my mind.  I was driving and couldn’t do anything else besides listen, it was horrible.  The hold music was the worst I’ve ever heard and it’s always this way when I call my dentists office.

I’m reminding all the readers out there that our hold music is great but it like any other should be changed every so often. Plus we offer Premium Hold Music for just ¢99/month.  That’s 5 very different styles of music for you to choose from and for you to change as often as you want.  These 5 channels include music from Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong.

I guarantee anyone who calls you very often will be so grateful every single time they get put on hold that it’s not the same music as the last time they called and it’s not the same old hold music they hear everywhere else.  It will be unique and different and everyone needs to stand out a bit in this day and age.

Have you tried Phone.com’s Premium Hold Music yet?  What’s your favorite channel?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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