Three Features that You’re Not Using but Should

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Three Features You Aren't Using but Should


Our Customer Service agents really know how to make the most of your service. They can tell you how to minimize costs when adding a new phone line, or the easiest way to transfer your existing number over to

They also know the features that really make life easier. Last week, I asked one of our team which features really helped streamline business phone service for our customers—those settings that you might not know about but really should be using! She replied with these three.

1. Custom Call Handling for Specific Callers

Your service lets you set up unique call handling rules for specific phone numbers. Have your business partner’s calls go directly to your mobile phone, or let a persistent sales rep’s calls go directly to voicemail. It’s all about managing your time and resources.

2. Navigating Your Call Logs

Your call logs offer a wealth of information, including the date and time of the call, the caller’s phone number, and any menu options selected by that caller.

You can search and filter your logs by specific phone numbers, extensions or queues set up in your account, and view number and extension usage stats to see which of your lines are taking the most calls. This could help you allocate staff and monthly minutes to your busiest departments.

3. Forwarding Calls During a Service Interruption

While we offer the very highest HD voice quality and consistent uptime, there are times when your phone service may be interrupted due to issues on your business network or the availability of your Internet service.

One way you can guarantee uninterrupted service, is to set a call handling rule on your extension that immediately forwards calls to another line (for example, your mobile phone or a home phone number) if connectivity to your IP phone or adapter is not working for some reason.

If you have questions about any of these settings, please reach out to our Customer Support team. We’re listening and ready to help!



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