Thoughts On Roaming With 361 Degrees

I’m listening to my new favorite podcast called 361 Degrees and in episode 8 they are talking about the issue of international roaming when traveling abroad. The US is a bit of an island compared to Europe where the 3 hosts are from. They are discussing some of the minutia or roaming like should you pick up a local sim in each country you visit? Or is roaming in each foreign country the best bet and just coughing up the huge amounts for data and voice billing when you get home. I personally am of the belief that you should find a way around paying the roaming rates that the US carriers charge you for visiting foreign countries and using the cellular networks. Yes I’ve written about this exact subject before but I hear to many stories of people coming home to outrageous cell phone bills.

One of the big issues that was touched upon is that if you get a foreign sim to save from roaming then you have a new number. And this new number is the only way people can call you. This made me think, why in the world aren’t people using Yes it’s a little different if you live outside the US but it’s still a good deal. With you have your number (in my case it’s only 1 number) or extension from your companies number and all you do is forward it to the foreign sim’s number. So when I spend time in Spain every year I forward my number to my Spanish sim card and same thing when I visited England a few months ago, I just forward my number to my UK sim. Meaning everyone can just call your regular number and reach you as usual. By the way I suggest you set up Call Scheduling.

This is a far cry better then paying your mobile carrier their outrageous fees for answering your phone abroad. And did you know that if your cell phone even rings while it’s overseas you get billed for 1 minute of roaming even if you don’t answer. OUCH! So plan in advance to forward your number to a local sim, which can usually be purchased at the airport.