Thinking Of Joining The Cloud? Join The Club With

Many companies are considering taking a first step into the cloud according to CompTIA. Is your company already utilizing the cloud in some form or another? Do you use cloud based email? File sharing? Video hosting? VOIP? could be your first step or just one of the many cloud services your company may be embracing. It is a great alternative to traditional PBX systems taking up server space let alone the IT person keeping it running. 35% of all SMBs plan to use the cloud in the next year for the first time in some form or another.

One of the easiest and pain free steps is to move your telephone system into the cloud with Whether you have a traditional POTS phone line or an existing PBX system, you can easily migrate your phone numbers including toll free numbers over to or get new ones. Either sign up on our website or call our award winning customer service professionals. They can get you set up in mere minutes or if you have all kinds of questions they are there to answer them and give you the guidance necessary to make the switch.

The simplest and least expensive set up is using any phone with an RJ-11 plug (the traditional phone plug) and getting a phone adapter (ATA) (that we’ll ship to you) which is a device, smaller then a paperback book that allows you to use your phone as a VOIP phone. Setting this up shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes and you can be part of the 35% of SMB’s using the cloud for the first time in their everyday activities. Plus you’ll get all the features of like a professional menu systems, voicemail transcribed and emailed to you, SMS, call transfer, virtual attendant and an unlimited number of extensions.