There’s A Lesson In The Olympics For Our Kids

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I’m a big fan of the Olympics for a number of reasons. Up until this year my biggest reason is that it brings nations together to play side by side whereas the rest of the time they’d prefer to fire missiles at each other, embargo trade or snub each other if there are any problems.  Athletes from many different countries get to meet each other and go home after the Olympics relating how friendly these “other” people are.

Now my perception of the Olympics is different, now I see these games in a new light and my reason for being such a big fan has changed.  It’s more than games now, I have 2 daughters that watch the Olympics on TV and hopefully understand that they can be athletes if they want.  They can be anything they want to be…

There’s a message in this for all parents that are small business owners, you need to teach your kids they can do anything they want, even if it seems almost impossible.  I’m in telecoms and I want my girls to know they can start a telephone company if they want or they can be the next CEO of AT&T.  Seeing these world class athletes perform at their peak is what they need to learn how to do, whether it’s in sports or their business life.  These kids can do ANYTHING they want and I feel like the Olympics teaches them and us this lesson.

Thank you to all the athletes from around the world and GO TEAM USA!!!