The Wave of the Future

As technology continues to grow at a rapid rate, so does the way we communicate. No matter where advances in technology take us we as a people will still need to find a way to connect with each other easily and clearly (and especially for bussiness – voice communications is still key). One of the newer breakthroughs in communication technology is IP based phone service. Although 15 years old now, it is only in the last few years that the term VoIP (Voice over IP) has become a more consumer known word.

VoIP technology delivers voice communications over your broadband networks. This technology offers higher bandwidth efficiency then normal copper phone wire. The bundled phone services you get with your cable company are based on VoIP technology.

There are many types of “VoIP based” services: from regular home phone service to complex enterprise solutions or simple pc to pc communication (like Skype) and still early but coming strong: Mobile VoIP solutions. Virtual Office phone services relies on VoIP and offers all you need in a phone service with innovative VoIP technology. Perfect for small and home business as well as personal use, Virtual Office allows the service of a landline or cable based phone service along with loads of other features and without any equipment, or software downloads, needed.

Your Virtual Office service can include one number for multiple devices, sophisticated call routing, fax service, bottomless voice mailboxes and text voicemail that alert your mobile phone and email, personal greetings, custom menus and much more all at a very affordable price.

With the pace of life speeding up at every moment, any and all advantages should be employed in order to stay on top of responsibilities whether they are business, family, or socially related. Virtual Office offers the next-generation-step alternative to landlines and multiple devices and brings options to small businesses and home offices that could have not been afforded with older legacy based solutions.

With operational cost lower for providers, every aspect of the service can be brought to consumers at a cheaper rate than plain old telephone service. Long distance and international calling have never been available at such low rates. Fax, and voicemail to email service along with your phone service all in one place at one low rate.

Besides the quality, robustness and cost effectiveness Virtual Office provides, it is only the tip of the iceberg. VoIP is the wave of the future in communication technology, and will only grow as bandwidth capability continues to improve and other discoveries are made to allow for better, faster and more convenient communication services and will be there for you with these innovations.